Meet your fellow comrades!

Meet other leftists. Find frienship, comaraderie, romance, or other types of relationships with individuals who share your ideals.


Will okcomrade cost money?
No, okcomrade will never have paid subscriptions or charge for any goods or services. Down with capitalism!
How will you afford hosting?
I won't have any trouble paying for it out-of-pocket. Donations are welcome.
When will okcomrade launch?
When there seems to be enough interest (sign up above!), I will begin development on the platform. I've been a full-stack web application developer for many years, and something like this will be very easy for me to put together.
I have suggestions, feedback, or development experience. How can I contribute to this project?
You may submit suggestions and feedback to our issue tracker, and you can create pull-requests to our GitHub repository.
How can I contribute to this project?
You may visit our GitHub repository. Code contributions, feedback, feature requests, and bug reports are welcome.